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Please be kind to me. I am described as a laid back,exotic that I look like young Salma Hayek lol, kind, with a sense of humor,  and smart. I like intellectual conversation. My favorite drink is Rosé Champagne & Chardonnay. My zodiac sign is Scorpio. I like going to the beach, I enjoy  traveling a lot and reading books. I love to dressed up so well depends to the occasion where I am heading and I received many compliments. I do my own hair & make-up, since I experiment different cosmetics. I am into fashion and I love what's is on the trend that will matched up my outfit. I value a true gentleman and a down to earth personality that deserves my kindness. If you want to impress me, we can drink my favorite wine together or gift me a vintage camera with a film in it. I am into photography and videography. I spent most of my time taking pictures the wanders of nature around me also my body. I appreciate my body while I am still in my prime.


I am discrete towards my clients.  I am meticulous in my health both physically and mentally. My prices are reasonable and I am qualified to perform a good quality service with a  good face value, emotional, physical performance and intellectual intelligence. Overall I am a kind and caring as always, it has been part of my culture. I also have my own boundaries, please respect me as much as you can and don't take advantage of my services.



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