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Fill your desires with me

In order for us to enjoy our quality time together, a client should compromise to my rules. "Time is gold" is a popular proverbial phrase that emphasizes the value and importance of time. It suggests that time is a precious and finite resource that should be used wisely and efficiently. As a companion, I play a significant role in your  life, and establishing healthy boundaries and expectations can contribute to a fulfilling and respectful relationship. Here are some guidelines to that needs to be followed (thus, if not followed, it will make me force to walk out and end the service):

  1. Be punctual, I always arrived earlier because I put great effort to the agreed time. I Communicate delays, If unforeseen circumstances arise that may cause me to be late.

  2. Use of Condoms: I still prioritize my safety and hygiene by using them during intimate activities.

  3. Respect: Treat me with dignity, kindness, and consideration. Respect my  opinions and feelings.

  4. Boundaries: Respect my boundaries and recognize that everyone has different comfort levels and respect me when I say "NO".

  5. Haggling my service rates is a big no, I will deny your request in the future if this happens prior the engaging thru other social media platforms. You are paying my time and attention.

  6. "No face slapping and face spitting" during intimate activity, I emphasizes the importance of physical and emotional safety, respect and non-violence.

  7. I don't see  clients with physical disabilities — not because I'm attempting to discriminate, but because I don't have any qualifications to be able to safely provide service or hurt myself.

  8. Shower and shave if have stubble beard or goatee beard. I have skin irritations and discomfort in stubble beard and goatee type beard, but the rest types of beard I am fine with it. Keep yourself well groom!

  9. Use of illegal substance. I don't support taking illegal substance due to that I am taking care of my physical health and mental health. Consuming a lot of alcohol, I don't support that as well however moderate drinking is. I prefer Rose and Chardonnay.

  10. No FILMING! I do not  support actions that will violate my personal space during intimate activities.

  11. Please refrain from engaging sexual acts for money from different platforms. You paid me for my time to be consensual with you and quality time.

  12. Bringing another person during my time with me, I do not condone that action!

  13. If I walk away, if any of the rules are violated. I will take the payment without a REFUND!

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