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A kink refers to any unconventional sexual preference or behavior. It can encompass a wide range of activities, fantasies, or desires that deviate from conventional sexual norms. Meeting people who share my approved kinks can be done through the following list I can offer:

What I Offer



You yourself feel a strong urge to let me wear a pantyhose during sex and experience more pleasure when wearing or seeing hosiery, you may have a pantyhose fetish or kink.


Financial domination

This kink is for you if the idea of giving over so much control in such an important part of life turns you on. You can explore it by beginning with me and  a financial element into your sex life. For instance, could say that 10% of your monthly income must be spent on sexy presents or Ryn's wish list.


Cock and ball torture (CBT)

it’s cock and ball torture. From trampling on genitals in stilettos to prodding a prick with a cattle rod, CBT can be anything you want it to be as long as it involves teasing and/or absolutely obliterating someone’s dangly bits. 


Nipple Play

If you are drawn to breasts you might find you have a nipple kink. Tweak, lick, bite, and clip yours/my nipples


Praise Kink

Someone with a praise kink is aroused by compliments, praise, and encouragement—for instance, being told "You're doing such a good job, eat my pussy" or "You're so beautiful when you..." While most people like to receive compliments, someone with a praise kink will be really sent over the edge by receiving them in a sexual setting.



Sexual gratification is where you pleases me sexually or watch me pleasure myself. This can be anything from watching me use a dildo and masturbate with you watching but you are not being able to touch me, it could also be where I will sit onto your face until you beg for oxygen, but can’t get off himself. A desire to watch me be satisfied sexually without having your needs met in the same way.

It's essential to prioritize safety, communication, and consent. I always establish boundaries and ensure that any interactions are consensual and respectful. Additionally, I take precautions when meeting new people in person, especially if it's for the first time.

5 stars for this hottie! Didn't expect much from this girl....after all, her photos were all redacted....there must be something wrong on how she appears. That's what I thought to myself prior to meeting Ryn. I was totally wrong. Who I met was a very pretty petite lady with a bombshell body (am now having a hard on just writing this review...hehehe). Will spare you the details. Let me just  say she is very good in bed, beyond your expectations. Looking forward to spending some fun time with Ryn AGAIN soon..

Mon March

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